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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Quiet morning to myself ...

... a rare occasion in this house LOL.

I took advantage of it and finished the last prize for the show, it's completed and in plenty of time, the show isn't till 30th August. I'm pleased with the way this turned out in the end after a lot of planning and wondering what to put on it. I hope the winner likes it!

I haven't any deadline stitching/exchanges to do right now, i'm all up to date apart from the latest parts of the Papillon SAL so kitted up a new start. I've chosen Elizabeth Designs ~ Autumn, the weather is more autumnal than summer and i really would like to have the set of 4 completed this year LOL. This week should see the SAL with Karen finished too, so another new start to look forward to as well!!

UFO night reminder for the girls at JA, hope you all have a long night of stitching planned **snigger**


  1. very nice finish , I am sure the person who gets it will be delighted

  2. You have received an award:) Please see my blog:)

  3. Quiet is good... I like quiet, LOL.
    1 month 1 week and 4 days until back to school. muahaha!!

    That is a very cute biscornu. Wonder what's up your sleeve for those girls... (is that Mr. Stick I see behind your back?) hehe

  4. Oh I wondered when you would start Autumn. I will look forward to seeing the progress on this. The whole set will look great.

  5. Whoever receives the biscornu should be delighted - it's lovely. :0)
    Looking forward to seeing Autumn develop - my favourite season too. :0)
    Guen is out, all ready to go. LOL

  6. Clever lady,that looks wonderful,I envy the person who gets that!!
    I love quiet moments,I won't have many of them soon!
    I am hoping to get some stitching done tonight!!

  7. Great planning... all the motifs landed in the right places!

  8. Hi Julie
    You hava a blog award :)
    Please see my blog for details

  9. lovely biscornu Julie, I'm sure it will be treasured by the winner :)

  10. Julie it is an adorable biscornu! Thanks for sharing your finish! So nice to come back to some awesome blog posts! =)

    ~another Julie~

  11. Very nice. Someone will be very pleased to receive that.

  12. Sweet biscornu Julie. Looking forward to seeing your Autumn progress.

  13. Please excuse one big post Julie but I am having such a job catching up. Biscornu prize is lovely as are the two from the exchange both the one you did and the one you received - both very different but equally lovely.

    Oh naught Mr Squirrel - is there truely such a thing as a squirrel prove feeder. They usually seem to work out a way to get in to them.

    Mm cant remember now what the knitted thing was apart from something like 4 legs or 4 arms - octupus, spider, alien lol

  14. What a fantastic finish Julie. Whoever wins it will be very lucky:)

  15. Another very pretty biscornu. I love the last one you posted, definitely my taste ;)


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