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Monday, 21 July 2008

It's Monday!

Can you spot the thief?
He's such a charming little chap, DH even made him a nice little box with a lift up lid (you can just see it at the top of the pic) so he could have his own store of nuts. We then bought a 'squirrel proof nut feeder' as described in nice large red writing on the label. Its made of stainless steel and the top screws on really tight, even i can't get it off, and it wasn't cheap either!!! It hangs on the end of a spindly branch in the pear tree. Today, when i go to hang my washing out there is said feeder on the floor, nuts all over the place and Mr Crafty Little Rodent (are squirrels rodents??) half way up the left hand side of the tree, nut in mouth, off to fill his box. How did he get it unscrewed? did he have help? are there fairies at the bottom of my garden who help squirrels? It was fun to sit and watch him chasing up and down the tree, pausing every so often to check that he was in the clear and the garden police weren't about to tie him to the tree and hold him to ransom LOL

I was looking for a stitching frame chart, it didn't turn up! Karen suggested using the CasaMia angel with the stitching frame, how clever is that girl? it was the perfect size and i put my hands on it immediately. Here's the front all finished after yesterdays stitching 1x1 adding the camera. I decided on an old fashioned type to add colour instead of the plain black/grey of a modern one. The sections included on the schedule for the show are painting/drawing, needlework, cross stitch, embroidery, knitting/macrame etc, photography then of course the obligatory 'any other craft not listed' i think this covers all of that. I just need to put the wording on the back and do the fiddly making up into the biscornu.

Some more good guesses for my knitted toy. No Elisa not a donkey or Rachael a spider. Christine i like yours, you are along the right lines but not quite....


  1. Your stitching is just lovely! Thanks for the name suggestion... I'll add it to the list for consideration!

  2. Good Lord! That squirrel looks as big as Midge!! No wonder he has no opposition to deter him. rofl.

  3. We have some delinquent squirrels here as well!!Ours chases the young magpies around the garden.

  4. I love watching squirrels when I am on holiday overseas (we don't have them over here). The biscornu looks great, what a clever idea, can't wait to see the end. Is your knitted toy a money?!!

    Have a nice day!

  5. we have a couple if squirrel families living round the bog pond that is behind our property , so far they have left the phone lines alone this year, the biscornu looks good

  6. Cheeky squirrel! Lol!

    The biscornu is looking good. Can't wait to see it all made up.

  7. Biscornu is lovely & will look great when finished. :0)

    Rarely ever see a squirrel round us - too many trees chopped down so it's way too urban even for urban squirrels!

  8. Your stitching is very nice. I gave up on seperate feeders for the birds and squirrels. Now they just have to share. They sure are cute to watch.


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