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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Biscornu reveal day ..

For the biscornu exchange at JA we each received from the person we sent to and Rachel was my partner. She's a history teacher so i wanted something that looked a bit historical for her.

I looked at lots of designs for biscornus but couldn't quite find what i was looking for. Eventually i decided on this complimentary design
'Peacock Tapestry Ornament' by Teresa Wentzler. Fabric was 26ct oatmeal as i wanted it to be a little bigger than on the chart and threads were DMC. On the back i stitched both our names and the date but i forgot to take a pic of that side.

Rachel stitched these lovely butterflies for me and included the lovely WDW threads. Thank you Rachel it's really pretty and i love the green fabric you chose, i have a fondness for green. I've put it into my basket of stitched gifts.

Knitted toy - no correct guesses yet, 2 good answers though, not much longer and it'll be finished and the suspense will be over LOL

No LHN SAL stitching yesterday, i spent most of the day looking for a chart in a magazine that i know i have but it seems to have ran away to the safe place. I wanted it for the new start Midge was telling you about which is ...

... the last prize for the show for Best Exhibit in the hobbies/handicraft section and will accompany the new silver salver our stitching group has donated. Two of us always stitch a prize to go with the trophies as they have to be given back each year and its nice to have something to keep as a reminder of your win. In the past we've done aprons, journals, gardening gloves, caps and lots more things. You've already seen the bookmark for the cookery section. We thought a biscornu seemed a good thing for this one and in each corner will be a different hobby to incorporate whats in this section. So far there's a paintbox and a knitted sock.

Shari has kindly awarded me with a Kreativ Blogger Award. I am supposed to choose 5 blogs that i read but i can't. I'm going to be a rule breaker and award it to all the blogs i read. They all inspire me in different ways.
Here are the rules i should have followed:-
1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees

Rachael-you asked about the pelleted poultry manure, you can buy it at most garden centres and at Wilkinsons, it comes in a box and you just sprinkle it around the shrubs etc to feed them.

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy your weekend and Happy Stitching


  1. they look lovely Julie well done both of you . you have made a good start on your prize biscornu

  2. Both of the biscornu's are wonderful!!
    Ok second guess Spider!! lol

  3. The biscornus look great. Looking forward to you revealing the new toy!!

  4. Those are wonderful biscornus... or is it biscorni ?? LOL ;O)

    Congrats on your award. Don't blame you for not following rules...I would have done the same.

  5. Congrats on the award!! I think the biscornus are beautiful!!

  6. The biscornu's are both beautiful.
    Congrats! on the award.

  7. 2 gorgeous biscorni....congrats on your award...speech please!! lol
    Is it a donkey??

  8. What a great idea using the TW freebie!! It looks stunning!!

  9. Gorgeous biscornu's Julie.
    The new stitch looks intriguing - looking forward to seeing the finished piece.
    Don't despair: things from the black hole (safe place) do reappear...... eventually. Three things reappeared for me this week! LOL
    I'm no good at guessing so will impatiently wait until you reveal. ;0)

  10. Both of the biscornus look wonderful. Good luck on finding the chart.

  11. Both biscornu are gorgeous Julie:)

    Congratulations on the award:)

    Nice start on the biscornu for the prize.

  12. The biscornus are lovely. Is your toy two somethings cuddling each other?

  13. Julie,

    Your TW biscornu is really stunning! I also like the one that Rachel stitched for you.

    I can really sympathize with you about not being able to find the pattern that you are looking for. I hope you've found it by now. I spend way too much time searching for things that I need for my stitching.

  14. Both biscornu's sre simply beautiful!!

  15. Oooh I've never thought of doing the PT ornie as a Biscornu! Beautiful!


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