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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Cat-ching your attention...

"When i stand on the footstool it means everyone should take note and listen to me, i am hungry or want the door opening, or maybe a nice cuddle... meeooww." Mum says i look like Yul Bryner in The King and I and expects me to say "no one should be higher than me"

I've seen her get something new out of the big cupboard and the nice coloured thread was all over the floor, i guess she's finished that exchange thing i saw when i was comfy on her knee. The fabric was out too, i tried to settle down to sleep on it but she moved me onto my cushion and mumbled something about cat fluff everywhere - spoilsport! I'll ask her to tell you what she's doing next time she's here .... Big purrs to you all from Midge


  1. Ear Scratches to you Midge.
    Glad to see you are back on form.
    Please can you pose with Mr MO too?
    Spice wants to pin up a pic of you two boys!
    Hugs Fi

  2. Hee hee!!! Smidget feels about the same way
    She is the Queen of the house, lol.

  3. Glad to see little Midge is doing well and has run of the house again.

  4. Thanks for the update, Midge. I get upset when Taco gets fluffs in my stitching too, so don't think it's a personal problem.

  5. Hey Midge this is Amber & Daisy, our mum hates it when we try to sit on her knee when she's stitching. I (Amber) love to get strands of threads and chew them in half on her..she goes mad ***grins***....and Daisy steals the threads on bobbins from her bobbin box and runs off with them...its really funny to watch her throw the stitching down and run after Daisy....
    Well....she's having fun with her threads, why can't we have fun with them too???
    Purrrrrsssssssss to you....

  6. Hi, Midgey!!! (achoo)sorry... allergies ;o) But I do love friendly cats.

  7. pretty kitty Julie!!!!
    Hey, visit my blog for a surprise!!!

  8. Awww Midge looks so proud sat there; like he's king of the castle! lol!


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