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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Sigh of relief ...

No stitching pics to show you as i have been busy with the redwork/monochrome exchange for JA. I re-checked the instructions and thankfully what i'd started will be fine. You know how it is, you suddenly get this thought and panic or in my case a DH who makes a smart alec comment when he asks what you are doing and tells you it might be wrong. I've also been knitting bits for my toy, it now has 4 arms - does that give you a better clue what it might be ....

Thought i would share my rambling rose with you, shes called Dorothy Perkins and has been in my garden for over 15 years. This is by far the best show of flowers we have ever had. I think it must be the wet weather we've had or its the poultry manure DH has been feeding it LOL


  1. what a lovely rose.
    DH's have a habit of making smart alec comments, a swift clip round the ear often makes you feel better ;o#0

  2. Gorgeous roses, Julie!

    It's a cat for sure ;o)

  3. WOW that is some show from your rose, it's gorgeous!

  4. Your roses are lovely. Glad your stitching is going to be fine. I guess I should be glad my DH has no interest in what I stitch.

  5. Your Roses are gorgeous Julie...

    SO your knitted toy has 4 arms???? No legs??? Sounds like an octopus to me too.... lol

    Happy knitting and stitching...

  6. very pretty Julie!!! I love seeing everyone's flowers. You and I are on the same 'page' today! Thanks for checking my blog & letting me know my pix are showing. Made my day!!!!

  7. Your Roses are awesome. Wish I could grow something like that.

  8. Julie,

    The roses are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the picture. I'm glad that your project is ok and that you don't have to start over again.

  9. Glad the stitching is OK. I've got a really heavy based frying pan you can borrow, if you like Julie - it's perfect for sorting out wise-cracking DH's. ;0) LOL
    Superb show of roses there.

  10. Pretty flowers!!!
    Poultry manure ? do you have chickens or is it something you can buy by the bag!
    Is your toy an octopus ??

  11. Your Roses are soooo beautiful, Julie.


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