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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Midge & the rose bush ...

In amongst this rose on our arbour is not where a certain young Midge cat got his war wound... this rose is Zepherine Drouhin and is a thornless rose. It does have the most wonderful scent to it though and as you sit under the arbour and soak up the evening sunshine you get the scent of turkish delight - my favourite! It's his favourite vantage point to watch the comings/goings of all the wildlife and humans in the garden.

I have a confession to make Karen, i didn't stitch on the LHN Friendship Tree this week so no update pic - sorry. I really wanted to get the basket finished on Friday, but that went into Saturday and then wasn't feeling too good Sunday or Monday. I'm sure it will be out again this Friday though as i missed it.

The second basket has been started this week and fabric/thread for the monthly challenge at JA decided on. For July it's Debbie Drapers 'Love' freebie. A lot of ladies chose this one, so hopefully there will be a good choice of different finishes this month. I think i might take this with me to the stitchy club tomorrow. It's the last one as they are then closed for 2 weeks for the annual deep clean of the Community Centre so we'll be off to the local pub for a meal for the following 2 weeks. No stitching then... what a shame eh!!

Happy Stitching
& UFO'ing to all Mr Sticks 'friends' I hope you didn't forget it was Tuesday lol


  1. Midge is only trying to help with the pruning Julie, lol Is he on the mend now?

  2. Is Midge waiting for someone to get close enough to stroke him

  3. That Midge is such a clown. Glad he's feeling better.

    Those roses are gorgeous. You are very fortunate to have a garden getaway like yours.

    Have a stitcherific time at the meeting!

  4. Oh that Midge, is such a cutie. Glad he is out and about and back his usual self.

  5. What a lovely rose bush!
    Midge looks as if he likes it too. Is he waiting to jump out and scare people?

  6. Midge has a great spot to watch you from Julie!

  7. LOL Would you just look at bless, he is gorgeous though isn't he?

    Hope you are feeling better Julie,

    Enjoy stitchy club tonight, hope you manage to get some stitching done! lol

    happy kniting and stitching and hugs to you....

  8. That is just a beautiful picture of Midge.

  9. Hope you're feeling better now Julie (((((hugs))))). Looks like Midge is. :0) Wish I could smell those roses, they look lush!
    Enjoy the pub meetings - it'll be hard going but it's gotta be done, eh? ;0) LOL

  10. A lovely picture. Hope you feel much better by now.

  11. Oh I just love the roses at this time of year too.

  12. Oh I just love the roses at this time of year too.


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