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Friday, 11 July 2008

Basket No: 2

When i was on the PC last night, i had a problem .... i had been looking/replying to blogs that are in my google reader and when i went back to the desktop it had changed to a design that was not on my computer. It had even deleted my picture that i had on there. DH started ranting about me being 'mouse happy' and clicking the wrong thing, but i know i didn't do anything to change this at all. I am not very good at the technical stuff, so he has spent about 8 hours today trying to find out what went wrong and put back all the stuff that seems to have gone missing. Why is it when you have free time to chat/surf something always stops you from doing it!!! I have now been given the OK to come back on here by DH but i have to be real careful he says otherwise i will suffer the consequences (wonder what they are?) LOL

Whilst he was being the 'PC Doctor' i stayed out his way and finished the 2nd basket for the show. This one i decided to fill with bathroom goodies as we have quite a lot of gardening things donated and someone who is not a gardener might win!!

This afternoon Midge curled up on my lap and we spent a nice afternoon together (DH was still at it after work) and i stitched the design for the monthly challenge at JA, just need to make it up now. I'll do this weeks LHN SAL sometime over the weekend Karen LOL

Hope you all have a good weekend, wellington boots are needed here, looks like its going be a wet one!


  1. oh boy , wonder what dodgy sites you visit LOL

  2. I hope it wasn't anything dodgy,I am always ranting at the kids about clicking on things, but then it is always me who messes things up!! ^0^
    Great basket!!

  3. Oh dear, I hope every thing has been sorted now, isn't it strange how these things happen? I swear there's a little gremlin sits inside mine and just throws everything about lol

    Lovely basket Julie, I'm going to have a look for some too, your's have come out so pretty, well done :)

  4. Julie,

    The basket looks great. I'm looking forward to your LHN update. I just got that pattern from an online shop in yesterday's mail. Yes, your piece inspired me to add it to my collection

  5. Computers are a law unto themselves! Your basket is lovely

  6. Lovely basket Julie :)

    There are so many gremlins around cyberspace...grrr makes me mad.

    Happy Weekend!!

  7. Computer wierdness abounds, and anyone is suseptable. You are right about Murphy's Law... when you have time to surf, wierdness is more likely to happen.

    Have fun stitching!

  8. Don't you just love to hate a computer, lol. I hope things are straighten out now for you.
    I dont know what the consequences are, but you better behave, lol. The baskets are fabulous.

  9. Whoops Julie hope it wasn't a virus getting into your pc...glad your dh was able to sort it for you though.
    Awww it's lovely when the kitties curl up with you or on you isn't it....
    The basket looks really lovely, I love bath goodies..I think everyone does.

    Hugs and happy knitting and stitching...

  10. Hope the 'puter is fixed now.
    Another lovely basket. Looking forward to seeing the next LHN update. :0)

  11. Lovely basket Julie.

    Hope you got the computer sorted.


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