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Sunday, 13 July 2008

LHN Week 13 ....

It should be week 14 of the Friendship Tree SAL with Karen, but i didn't do any last week so for me it's week 13. All the leaves on the tree are finished now, so there's just the other lady to add in next week, then hopefully a finish!

Yesterday i finished off the challenge piece for JA and a pic was emailed to Karen for the album ready for the reveal date. I also sorted out fabby and threads for the redwork/monochrome exchange as well, although i think i might have made a mistake with that and need to re-read the rules.... more haste less speed LOL

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend sunshine


  1. wow the LHN looks great Julie, I have put the photo in the album for the challenge, hope it doesnt take long to decide if you made a mistake or not

  2. Your Friendship tree looks so great... and you're close to finishing it now so you can see how good it is going to look.

  3. Your LHN looks great. I think I have to add this one to my stash. LOL

  4. LHN is looking stunning Julie. Hope you've not made a mistake on your other piece.

  5. Nice lookin stitches!
    Like a kid with a new toy? hhmmm? LOL.
    I can picture you now...
    "Instructions?... what Instructions??"

  6. Julie,

    Congratulations on finishing that tree. That's quite and accomplishment. It looks beautiful and there's not too much more to do.

  7. Friendship Tree is looking fabulous...almost there too.....

    Looking forward to everyones finishes on the Monthly Challenge too

    have a good day

  8. Your LHN is looking brilliant Julie. Doesn't look like you've got much more to do.

    I'm way behind on blogs so hope you'll forgive the single comment:) Got loads to try and catch up on.

  9. Forgot to say looking forward to seeing your challenge piece. Mine is started but on hold at the moment!

  10. The LHN is looking stunning Julie, cant wait for next week and seeing it finished.

    Ummmmmmm is it an octabus? half way on the arms if it is.

  11. LHN is looking lovely Julie. Got my Challenge piece finished too & am looking forward to Reveal Day to see what everyone has made. :0)

  12. Friendship Tree is looking wonderful!

  13. I just love this piece. I'm thinking of stitching this for a friend for her birthday ;)


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