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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Stitch, stitch, knit ...

Mums birthday gift is finished. This chart has been in my stash since 2006 and was a complimentary design called 'Darling Buds' from Carol Tinson of Heirloom Embroideries. It was a printed chart that came with an order i received. I saw a mirror finish recently that Chris had received in an exchange and decided it would be a good idea to give that a try, it turned out OK i think.

Week 7 of the LHN SAL with Karen

The border of the last 2 boxes at the bottom were stitched and i filled in the first 4. It looks quite different now with a bit more colour added. Not a bad week this time and no sign of a frog to spoil it. I dont usually wish time to fly by, but stitching this is so nice i am doing just that LOL

This little lady is Emily. She was sent to the US at the beginning of May to Lynne. She's arrived safely and is having a fun time snuggled up amongst Lynne's collection of Pine Mountain Pillows that she loves to stitch.

Today i made up the next 2, so they will be off in the post on Tuesday and also another special little baby one that will go to a young lady who has a birthday later this week so her mum can have hers back ... any guesses who that is?? Only 6 more to make ....

Hope you're having a nice weekend


  1. I just love the colours of the Darling Buds. And what a lovely way to finish this with the mirror. I am sure your mom will be pleased. Nice to see the LHN SAL growing. Emily looks all so sweet, sure she enjoys her living in the US. Hope you have a wonderful week Julie.

  2. That's a beautiful gift!!

    LHN SAL is coming along great.

  3. I'm getting great ideas from you, Julie! A mirror... who'da thunk?

    another cutsie bunny!. If they had olympic stitching... you'd get gold, I think. LOL.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, you're too sweet. :o)

  4. I love the darlings buds and what a great way to finish it.

    Your SAL peice is looking awesome. I should join a SAL some day.

  5. Nice gift for your Mum. The LHN piece you're doing looks great ;)

  6. Hi Julie!
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my latest post!
    The mirror finished for your mum is great! That is me who sent a mirror to Chris, lol
    I love your LHN SAL's piece!
    This is the one I love in LHN!

  7. I love your Mum's gift Julie. It is perfect.

    Love how the LHN is coming along. Pleased the frogs have stayed away.

    Emily is so cute:) Mmm I think I know where the special baby has gone:)

  8. The LHN is coming along really well, mums gift looks great

  9. and do you think you will be able to stop after 6 more - I think everyone will be putting a bunny on their wish list before long and you will be knitting for the next 10 years.

    Love the mirror finish well done.

  10. Your mum's gift is beautiful, I'm so lucking to get to actually see and hold your master pieces. Still logging all these wonderful ideas! There are just so many and you are always having new ones.
    The bunnies are all so sweet too.
    You and your hands deserve a medal (and it would be Gold og course).

    Well done you,
    Stephie x

  11. Ummm could it be my DD....LOL !!

    Thank you Julie from Lucy xx

  12. Your Mum's gift is lovely.
    Oh lots of progress on the LHN sal
    Emily is lovely


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