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Friday, 23 May 2008

Friendship, Flight & Finish

A birthday present for my friend/neighbour 12 years ago was a rose bush named 'friendship' and it's become a tradition that she comes over to give me the very first flower of the year. Here it is this year and i'd like to share it with all you wonderful friendly visitors to my blog and thank you for taking time to stop by, read my ramblings, look what i've been doing and leave a comment. Thank you for your friendship.

Our nesting box on the side of the garage has been inhabited by a family of tits this year, you can just see something peeking out between the ivy leaves (pic taken last week). Dad came out earlier this week followed by a ball of fluff on a short flight from the ivy to the fencing (you can see the ivy top left of the 2nd pic and the little fluffball). Dad flew off and the fluffball did a funny little dance but stayed on the fencing so dad returned gave him a little meal to give him some dutch courage, chirruped and flew down the garden to my pear tree and fluffball followed - so my baby has flown the nest. We've not seen any more little ones so perhaps he was an only child!

Happy Birthday Kathy ..... this is the little surprise i was making last week and had to get in the post quickly. I decided to make a bobbin holder. It's backed with the same fabric and i stitched the date there.
Chart - Just Nan Ornamental Letters
Fabric 28ct lavendar/purple? (not sure what)
Threads - DMC and gutterman gold fine braid
I've stitched this design a few times before but never tire of it, and with it having all 26 letters of the alphabet on it was a very worthwhile purchase and great value for money - publicity bit over LOL

In the UK we have an extra days holiday this weekend although they are predicting yet another wet one! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and some fun times with your families and may the stitching frog be non-existant at your house. My little friend went to pastures new this week at the club on Wednesday, so hopefully i'll have a productive weekend.
Happy Stitching


  1. What a wonderful present to give each other!!
    The JN ornament is beautiful!!

  2. What a pretty rose!!
    At least the daddy bird didn't have to supply his fledgling with a car, eh? hehe.

    I see that list of finishes has grown quite large. Isn't it hard to believe that the year is almost half done? gulp.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Great pics Julie - the rose is such a lovely, happy colour. You were lucky to spot the baby on it's first flight.
    Very pretty finish too - lucky recipient. :0)

  4. Beautiful pictures shared!

    And that's a lovely finish. Well done!!!

  5. how special that you & your friend "share" the rose bush!!!! That is awesome! love the birdie pix. And what a cute idea for floss bobbins! I love your stitched piece! Thanks for sharing & you have a great weekend too!!!!

  6. nice photos the rose looks very pretty

  7. Ooh, I do like your thread holder Julie! I've only stitched one of these letters so far, which I finished as an ornament last year. I'll remember your thread holder for when I do others!

    How lovely that your friend gives you the first rose of each year!

  8. Some lovely pictures, what a beautiful rose :)
    The thread keep is so gorgeous :)
    have a great weekend

  9. What a lovely rose Julie.

    Lovely finish for Kathy:)

    Oh how I wish I could see birds leaving their nest. They always go when I'm not looking!

  10. Pretty Rose,was a lovely colour!
    and love seeing the little chicks leaving the nests!!
    and a lovely finish!!


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