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Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Daughter on the loose ....
Amy has used all her savings and bought herself a secondhand car, we collected it this morning. She's chosen a KA2 in panther black. Dad and I went with her and she drove me home. I was very impressed. She's been out with a friend for an hour and now gone off to work, her first solo trip. She's rang me to say she got there safely so i dont worry (like that will stop me). At least now i can take the 'mums taxi' sign out of my car and maybe i can be driven around like a lady LOL

Happy and safe driving Amy xx


  1. Hope Amy enjoys her new found freedom, do you have plenty of hair dye ready for the grey hairs?

  2. AAaawww... first flight from the nest. Testing the wings, LOL.

    I think grey hair starts the moment they are born, Karen ;o) rofl.

  3. how scary, but yet so exciting too!! Congrats to your daughter!!!

  4. It is rather nice when your daughter can run you about for a change. Both son and daughter have been taxi drivers for me just recently but I am going to make the effort and drive into town tomorrow (all of 2 miles so I should be ok lol).

  5. She looks so proud and pleased Julie:) Nice looking car.

  6. Great pic & lovely new car. Well done to your DD Julie. :0)

  7. An open road from now on!! No more mum's taxi! Maybe now mum's taxi sign hangs in Amy's car for ferrying mum around! All the best and safe journeys to Amy.

    Love the new car. x

  8. Congrats to Amy on the new runaround!!!


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