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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Grumpy stitcher ...

Bullion knots ggrrrrr .... i had never attempted these before and Part 5 of the Papillon Creations SAL had them in the butterfly at bottom left. I did all the other stitching and found a practice piece of 28ct to have a go - 1 hour later and lots of grumbling and a few naughty words and i had a reasonable one stitched. I did have to take the fabric out of the frame and hold it in hand to get them done so i could tease the thread through the wound thread on the needle but they are now finally done, not perfect but acceptable to me anyway!!! Hope you all had better luck with yours.

Another heirloom plant for you to see. This cactus is a cutting from my grandfathers house up in Dunoon Scotland. He passed away a few years ago but this was always in bloom for his birthday 14th May so i just had to have one of these. Haven't a clue what type it is but the flower measures a whopping 6" across and it's such a straggly scruffy looking leaf to the plant. There are about 9 flowers on it this year.

Yesterday was UFO night at JA, hope all you ladies did lots of stitching. Tonight i'm off to the stitchy club, guess what i'm taking with me .... shocker it's the Tiny Rose Garden, thats the only thing in the workbox right now that needs urgent attention and i did say i would get it all done before i had a new start didn't i .....

Happy Stitching


  1. nice plant I love the colour of the flower, your wip looks super

  2. What a beautiful flower is it an Easter or Christmas cactus?

  3. Sorry to hear about the knots, haven't tried that kind yet. The SAL is looking beautiful though.

    That's a beautiful flower!

  4. They were a first for me too but im fairly pleased with the result. The one I hated and took out was the woven fan - I now just have satin stitch fans as the woven ones just ended up looking a mess everytime i did them.

    Lovely flower.

  5. your SAL is looking great. And I would have no idea how to do the knots. I really need to start doing some speciality stitches. Maybe that will be my next project.

  6. I'm late getting to this post (bad me!)
    Did Mr Stick go with you to meeting? lol.

    The cactus you pictured is like the one my mom has had for 30 years. She always called it a Christmas Cactus because in it's native land, it blooms at Christmas time. Hers has smaller flowers and are a pretty pink.

    Can't wait to hear your report!
    Your knot sounds like a colonial knot. I use it in place of a standard knot, because I lack that skill for the other, believe it or "knot",LOL. It's tricky.

  7. Mmmm I thought I heard some strange noises Julie! Nevertheless it looks stunning!

    Love your cactus. I have a Christmas one but it has been known to flower at Christmas and Easter! Work that one out!

  8. Oh that looks stunning both the stitching and the flower!


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