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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Message board down ...

at Jayne's Attic and she has asked that the following message be put out so as many members read it as possible to know what is happening ....

Jayne's Attic forum Stitch and stash has a few technical problems at
the moment changing server has caused a huge headache for Jayne the
forum is down but Jayne has been assured all data is safe and we will
be back up and running soon -- keep everything crossed. Jayne is away

on holiday on Monday - Friday 5th - 10th May and will not have net access
all orders placed on Jayne's Attic will be processed on her return
Please let any other forum members know that you know I have not
deleted forum or any members it is a change in server gone wrong and
I have my webmaster working on it.

Please suggest using the back up forum located here
until regular one is back

Sorry about this hope to be back to normal asap.

Thanks, Jayne x


  1. Thanks for the info about Jayne's Attic forum.

  2. Would you believe that its only about a week ago since I cancelled my membership with the old Stitch and Stash group lol.

  3. Oh just noticed you have changed your title,or am I just slow!! LOL


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