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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Do i need a straightjacket?

When i knit bunny pieces, i try to make each one different so no two will be the same. As i start to sew them together and stuff them they develop little personalities all of their own and this one was no different. I'd like to introduce you to George. He seemed to look so knowledgeable and grown up for a bunny and i was really pleased he decided to go and live with Carol, she works at a University so he'll certainly not be short of books there LOL
Another one left the UK last Thursday and i've got 2 more in the workbasket to stuff and send this week hopefully, i seem to have done more knitting than stitching this past week

I bet you all think i'm mad as a hatter


Karen said...

nope we don't think you are as mad as a hatter . We Know you are ;o)

Sally said...

Love your new blog title Julie:)

George does look rather a clever bunny:)

What Karen said!!!

Lynn said...

George looks lovely, well done Julie :).
I think it must be contagious all this knitting your doing. DD2 has got me knitting 'Coconut' the white Popcorn teddy!! I hope he comes out as good as your little rabbits or he'll be sent to you to finish off lol ;)

Karan said...

LMAO @ Karen's comment.
He certainly looks a smart bunny. :0)

Paperfaerie said...

Welcome George and what a handsome chap he is!!
I have just started knitting and completed my first hat for Paul O'Grady's appeal.
Loving the new look of your blog

brokenfairy said...

lol @ Karen's comment
I think the bunnies need there own personalities,and I think George will fit in at the Uni

Lisa said...

love the new titlle Julie, and how handsome is George, I think he's lovely, I'm going to give these bunnies a try, well when i'm brave enough lol

Lori-Ann said...

If you'r "Mad as a Hatter", then that's the tea party I belong at!! LOL.

As long as you are having fun, and I'm glad you are!

Also love the new blog title.

Stitchingranny said...

Yep but then being mad is the best way to be, we are on this planet for such a short time why waste the fun by being serious.

Mr George in his red white and blue is very aptly named after our patron saint.