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Thursday, 8 May 2008


The phrase proud mum does not do justice to how i'm feeling. Amy, my daughter, passed her driving test first time this afternoon, with only 3 minor faults. The examiner said it was a fabulous test and congratulated her on her driving skills. She's busy scanning the local newspaper for a secondhand car now, so looks like dads mechanic skills will be put to the test vetting one for her over the next few days. This is just what was needed to give her a boost as she's had some really rough days recently. Her final work for her ceramics exam cannot be found at the college (somehow it has got lost or taken!) so she has to do another piece urgently and another of her items has got broken somehow so that needs to be replaced as well. She's also doing her photography exams and her fine art ones too so there's alot of girlie stress going round in this house right now.


  1. Oh wow first time,Well Done Amy!
    I hope she manages to sort out her exam projects.

  2. ooo... I don't eny the girly- stress thing. Poor Amy (and Mom).
    Great job on that driving test!!

    Gotta be handy to have a mechanic in the family that doen't mind helping.

  3. Congratulations Amy! :0)
    Hope all goes well with sorting out the exam projects.

  4. Well done and congratulations Amy !!!
    I hope they can sort out your projects, that's just too careless of them!!!

  5. Congratulations Amy and good luck with the exams.


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