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Friday, 22 February 2008

It's reveal day ...

This months challenge, Dragonfly Stitches - Valentine Heart (thank you Kris for such a lovely design). After a lot of thought about this one i decided to stitch mine 1x1 on 27ct red linda using black and made a bobbin holder. I'd seen one of these on a blog a while back.

Rachael, here's a clue for you ... the design is an old one from 2000 and a seasons one, any ideas yet LOL


  1. What a great bobbin holder. It's adorable ;)

  2. What a lovely finish Julie,,, the bobbin holder is such a novel one :)

  3. how unusual, it's realy cute, I love it Julie, well done :)

  4. Nice choice of finish, Julie. :) Good job.

  5. Wonderful finish Julie!!Great Idea!
    I still have no clue,I suppose I will have to be patient and wait(bottom lip has just dropped....LOL) Oh and the book idea I borrowed off someone else LOL,so you are welcome!!

  6. Julie,

    That's so pretty! I just love the color combination. Great job.

  7. That turned out lovely, Julie.

    And thanks for stopping by, feel free to add me, i've added yours to mine. Hope it's okey.

    Have a nice weekend.

  8. That is beautiful Julie. I love the way you've finished it off.

  9. Love the black/red combo - great finishing idea too (gotta try that some time).
    BTW, you've been tagged! Please come and visit me. :0)

  10. WOW I love that idea Julie it looks stunning :)


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