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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Alternative to the plan i had ....

So where did the weekend go to then?? plans i had for my stitching have not materialised at all, and here i am 2 days later with not a stitch in anything i was going to do.

My 'new start' project had a problem with one of the threads. It asks for Needle Neccessities 131 which i ordered ages ago (Threadworx 1045 alternative arrived). When i came to pull the DMC threads i needed for it, the Threadworx was nothing like the greens in the DMC colours, way too bright - disappointment was an understatement, i was looking forward to trying the Threadworx out never having used them before. Karen (Queen of bright ideas and a saviour on many occasions, i wish i had her brains) suggested i look at my collection of DMC variagated as there are 2 different greens in the normal range. Out came the box and sure enough DMC 92 is a perfect match but i only had about 1m left on the bobbin - isn't that just typical. DH drove me to the LNS yesterday afternoon (my brain and legs not in synch mode right now, hence the repeated bloodwork that was done Friday morning) to buy a couple of skeins at a whopping 67p each!!! So you would have expected me to start it last night .... errrrr no, because ....

Whilst we were out i had an idea, in our local Wilkinsons (hardware store for those not in the UK) i purchased a lined bread basket for £1.49. An idea popped into my head that i could use some waste canvas, stitch along the edge and fill with goodies for my mum for Mothering Sunday which is next week in the UK. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and think i might be off to purchase a couple more of these, they would be great Xmas gift baskets.

The decision now is do i start the Elizabeth Designs (couldn't keep you in suspense any longer Rachael, and i do have the other 3 that go with it too lol) or do i finish the bookmark that i was going to get completed this weekend???

Hope you all had a good weekend


  1. I have tagged you please come an visit me Hugs Elisa

  2. Love the Bread basket idea,might take a trip to Wilkos,I hate it when I don't have the threads for something I really want to do,Oh I like the Elizabeth designs sampler very pretty!You do have plenty of time to do the bookmark!!

  3. I forgot to say you can write as much as you want on my comments I don't mind :0)

  4. love the basket idea, well done :)

  5. Great basket
    LOL I like that Queen of bright ideas ;O)
    I can't wait to see your new start

  6. The basket for your mum is beautiful ;)

  7. I love an imaginative mind. Great thinking with the basket idea. Looks like "Queen Karen" may have a threat to her throne? LOL... (kidding of course don't want any dented crowns) ;)

    Can't wait to see your choices :)

  8. Love the basket - what a wonderful idea! And a lovely gift for your Mum.

  9. Great idea with the bread basket - think there'll be a few of us pinching that idea Julie. :0)
    Love the new ED start, it's a gorgeous piece & can't wait to see a WIP pic (no pressure ;0) ).

  10. Your bread basket looks lovely Julie. What a fantastic idea. I'll have to go and buy a couple myself I think. I have one with my needlework smalls in it and it's full.


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