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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Pinkie preview ...

There were only 5 of us at the stitchy club last night, lots of absences due to this rotten cold/cough bug thats going around. Despite the continual chatter and laughs we had, i did finish the stitching on the Blue Ribbon design. I really wanted to show you the finished pieces before i make it up at the weekend as you wont be able to see just how pretty it is. It has been an absolute joy to stitch.

Talking of the weekend ... we'll be revealing the monthly challenge at Jayne's as well, i'm looking forward to seeing what the ladies have done this time with the Dragonfly Stitches Valentine Heart freebie, mines all done and the pic emailed to Karen to add to the album she has created. I wonder how many ladies have taken part this month, it's a very popular project.

I've decided on the design for the bookmark exchange, but as is usual this will have to remain a secret till its all done and received by my partner. Post out date isn't until mid March but i'm keen to get it done now i know what i'm doing and I think i've decided what the new start will be too, but i'll save that info for another post and keep you guessing a while longer LOL

Take care, lots of love


  1. wow Julie that looks fab , I need to get a move on with mine, when I find some time lol

  2. That is lovely Julie, well done :)

  3. Such lovely colours. Great finish!

  4. That's lovely. I look forward to seeing the monthly challenge too. I've not finished mine yet, I have the idea in my head, but not been able to find the right finishing materials, so I may be back to the drawing board.!

  5. Pinkie looks great!!
    You are a tease are you not even giving a hint to what the new start is??

  6. Oh! Pretty, pretty, pretty :)
    I can see you are having much sucess getting things done.
    Have fun!

  7. Pinkie looks gorgeous Julie. Can't wait to see it made up:)

  8. Tease! LOL ;0)
    Love Pinkie, it is such a pretty piece - look forward to seeing this made up. :0)


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