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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Christmas stitching ...

Yesterday was Tinsel Time at TS, the day of the month you stitch on a Christmas project. I had decided at the beginning of the year to do an ornament a month like last year, but of course as usual other things happened and it hasn't got done until now. This one is Charland Designs Inc - Tipsy Tree from the 2007 JCS Ornament Issue, stitched on nordic blue jobelan and made very simply with a beaded bottom edge. A cute little tree and one that i have wanted to stitch since the magazine came out. Just one more to do and i'll be up to date LOL

My Mothering Sunday basket is all filled with goodies. In it is a bone china mug, Earl Grey tea, cappucino coffee, hot chocolate, horlicks, ovaltine, sugar cubes, chocolate biscuits, scottish shortbread biscuits and a bar of After Eight chocolate. Including the card, wrapping and the basket it cost £11.47, a nice and not too expensive unique handmade gift for those of us on a tight budget!!!

Thanks for your comments on the basket idea, both on here and on the MB's. I'm looking forward to seeing what ideas you come up with for stitching and filling them.


  1. very nice orni
    great basket for mum , it's amazing what happens when we get when tossing idea's around

  2. Oh the basket looks wonderful, Lovely ornie!!

  3. Basket sounds so bountifull!!
    Good job on the ornamant, too. :)

  4. The basket is lovely and a great idea! I am sure your mum is gonna love it!!!

  5. Love the cute ornie.
    The basket looks brilliant Julie & am sure it's going to be well received and appreciated. :0)

  6. Wow, Julie, you've made a fantastic job on your basket! I bet your Mum will love it.

    Love your ornament too.

    Hope you're doing a bit better today {{{{huggles}}}}

  7. Julie,

    Your basket is lovely and the contents sound so yummy. Your ornament looks so cute. Hope you have a wonderful, stitch-filled weekend.


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