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Friday, 29 February 2008

An extra day ...

isn't that what us stitching girls all wish for when we have a project we really must/want to stitch, well today is the extra day in the year, have you spent any of the extra 24 hours doing things just for you or has it passed you all by much the same as any other Friday would have done LOL

My family have a different reason for today being special to us. My dear FIL passed away on this day in 1996. He was the most gentle and wonderful man and his life was cut short all too soon at the age of 67

I know he would have been happy at the fact that we can only officially raise a glass to him once every 4 years as he was not a fan of folks attending the cemetary and pondering at the graveside. So i'll blow a kiss to this lovely pic of him and say .... "God Bless you Dennis, we miss you very much"

Now to stitching talk and what i achieved this month -
Finishes ...
Dimensions - Spirit of the Eagle
TS Feb colouring book heart that i made into the pink pillow
Blue Ribbon Designs - stitching finished on pinkie (still needs to be made up)
JA Feb challenge - Dragonfly Stitches - Valentine Heart
Mothers Day basket
Charland Designs - Tipsy Tree
Bookmark for the TS exchange
WIP's - Papillon Creations SAL Part 2 done

Wednesday was the stitching club and i had every intention of making a start on ED's 'Spring' i put in a grand total of 30 stitches before i was called away to a meeting and have not touched it since. I'm hoping to make some progress on it this weekend and also to make up the pinkie (i know i said that last weekend didn't i LOL).

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know your thoughts, i really appreciate your advice, suggestions and encouragement. Enjoy your weekend.


Sally said...

{{{{{hugs}}}}} Julie and family.

Karan said...

What a lovely tribute Julie. Lots of (((((hugs))))) to you all.

Lori-Ann said...

Congratulations on all those stitching accomplishments!!

Sorry you are without your beloved FIL. It's wonderful (maybe rare)to have such good relationships with in-laws.

Have fun stitching!