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Monday, 10 December 2007

Silent Night ...

not in this part of the UK it wasn't, the wind was howling down the chimney last night and tonight they are predicting -3 temperatures!! Does this mean that we might just be in for a white Christmas? that would be fantastic wouldn't it. I'd like to go to bed Christmas Eve with no snow and wake up Christmas morning with it all white ... a girl can dream can't she LOL

Advent Exchange Day 10 ~ Jorja has sent me 2 lovely sticky 'post-its' how did you know i use these Jorja? and from Kathy i received 2 metallic DMC threads and a packet of needles. December does really whizz past when you're looking forward to every morning to see what surprise is waiting for you


  1. Just love those little post it notes. I use these things all the time too but not seen ones like these before.

  2. I'm hoping for snow when we get up on Christmas morning too Julie. Yes we can dream:) {{{{hugs}}}}

  3. More lovely gifts. Love the Santa advent too: fill it all with Thornton's Alpinis & I'd be a happy bunny all through December. ;0)

  4. Hi Julie,

    I just stopped by your blog to get caught up with you. Your tree looks beautiful. I really enjoy the links to all of your finishes on the sidebar. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful work. Your pictures are really, really nice.

  5. NO it can't snow Christmas morning not until I've driven to my parents for dinner....and maybe home again. Then it can

    Julie...I'm defo on the stash wagon come January, so that's me you and Sally....

    You are getting lovely gifts aren't you?

    Hugs and Happy Stitching.....

  6. You have many wonderful gifts. My favorite is the Santa Advent calendar,lol. I hope you and I both get snow Christmas morning. Fingers XXX!!!!


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