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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Deck the Halls with boughs of holly ....

but not with Midge who has decided that now it's gone a bit colder he'll take up residence on the chair in the hallway next to the radiator. I wish i could curl up and sleep in the daytime like he does and that he would do all the things i have to do.

I'm trying to make the heading of each post a Christmas Carol - did you guess that LOL

Day 11 is here and Jorjas clue today really baffled us 'I know you've been good, but just in case' .... i opened this cute snowman box and inside was a poem and a lump of real coal, what a super gift. Kathy also sent me a great gift, some travel wipes, you must be psychic Kathy as i threw away an empty packet out of the car when it was cleaned out last time.


  1. nice gifts from your advent exchange , Midge isn't daft sleeping by the heat, Candy has been fighting me for my hotwater bottles she wanted them all I think

  2. That Midge is a very sensible kitty Julie! That's where I'd be too!

  3. Cats always choose the warmest seat in the house - they've got more sense than us silly humans who go out in this cold weather. :0)
    Love that cute snowman & the box he's in.


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