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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells ...

announcing that it's Sally's birthday today
'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SALLY' as i know she's received the gift i stitched for her i can reveal my stitched tin. I'm sure there will be better picks on her blog after the day when she reveals all the lovely gifts she received, she's such a friendly lady, i'm sure she'll have plenty of fan mail LOL

Advent Exch Day 12 brought me 2 more wonderful gifts. From Kathy i had 2 baskets and i know exactly what i'm going to put into these. Jorja's clue today was 'It's a girl thing .. we can't help but sniff them' it was a mango/mandarin scented candle - hands off Karen - you can't have it - i know you are the candle sniffing Queen LOL


  1. now where have I seen that design before lol great tin

  2. thats one cool looking candle,mango and madarin sounds very yummy

  3. Great idea using the christmas carols as your post titles!!What great gifts!!

  4. Oh Julie I love my tin! How's your eyes after stitching the teeny needleminder? Lol! It's beautiful Julie. Thank you so much:) {{{{hugs}}}}

  5. HHmmm that candle smells lovely
    I love your pics...I can read blogs in work but can't see any pics or reply to blogs's so not fair!!!
    More nice gifts for you today....
    Happy stitching...

  6. The tin you stitched for Sally's birthday is lovely! And, you received some really nice advent exchange gifts today.

  7. Lucky Sally - the tin is beautiful.
    Lovely advent gifts too, it's fun watching all the reveals. :0)


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