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Saturday, 1 December 2007

First Day of Advent

This is the wonderful box that arrived from Jorja in the US for the advent exchange, she has made me the most beautiful quilted advent calendar with little pockets that i will be able to keep forever and use each year. The box was crammed full of lovely wrapped parcels and there was a sheet of clues, one for each day just to tease me even more. Some of the parcels dont fit into the pockets as they are too big LOL

Day 1 today and the clue sheet enclosed read .... Hope this little guy 'pens' Christmas to your tree were all trying to guess what it might be, but none of us thought of this cute little gingerbread peg man, isn't he the sweetest. My gran used to make peg dolls with me when i was little and we would put on plays with them so this brought back some lovely happy memories.

I also received a wonderful surprise, another advent box in the post from my dear friend over on the East Coast of England, the poor postie nearly had a hernia delivering this one. This too was full of nicely wrapped packages all numbered and a special pressie that DH has put away till the 25th. Number 1 is now opened and can be seen on the top of the box, 10 little canisters for beads/buttons

The last few days i've had some wonderful surprises in the post, I am so overwhelmed by your kindness and thank you all for being my friends, i'm getting all emotional now so think i better go and have a cup of tea and blow my nose LOL


  1. wow great advent boxes you are lucky having 2 to open a day , enjoy them

  2. How lovely having two advents to open Julie:) Lovely gifts for the 1st day too.

  3. Wonderful advent boxes Julie and what lovely gifts you have received for day 1. I´ll be visiting you every day to see some more. Enjoy your gifts.

  4. Wowza!! lucky girl!
    The Advent parcels are fabulous.

  5. OOhh what lovely gifts you've received Julie, lucky you.
    They are gorgeous.
    (((((((hug)))))))) & Happy Stitching....

  6. wow you are doing well Julie, I shall look forward to seeing what you have opened each day.

  7. What a lovely idea Having clues to keep you guessing!!Cute gingerbread peg


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