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Sunday, 2 December 2007

Advent Exch ~ Day 2

Todays clue was .... Oh what fun you'll have ----- all the way! this one jingled when i picked it up, bells??? .... we were right, tiny little bells with the nicest of jingle to them to add to my stitched projects - love em Jorja, very clever idea. In Kathys parcel was the nicest smelling bath bomb to add to my next bubble bath, sheer luxury and something to pamper me with - thanks Kathy


Karen said...

I like bells I have a big box of pink ones lol , enjoy your smelly bath I love bath bombs

Rachael said...

I wanted to buy some bells but hubby said no!! as the kids would drive him mad playing with them....I had to agree,I might buy some for my stitching but hide them!!;0)

Sally said...

Lovely advent gifts Julie.