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Monday, 3 December 2007

Advent Exch ~ Day 3

Todays clue from Jorja ~ 'A ..... by any other name' and the gift was 4 beautiful gold ribbon roses to add to my stitched projects. Kathys gift was socks, very pretty they are too. Thank you ladies.
The weathermen are predicting rain and bad weather all week, so these little surprises each day will be my little ray of sunshine LOL


  1. very cute gifts! It must be fun having some to open everyday before xmas!

  2. Your feet will be kept warm at least,What lovely gold roses!!

  3. Love thise socks. They will keep your feet nice and warm and, boy,will you need them. It's so miserable with the rain. I'd much rather have frost.

  4. What a lovely lead up to Christmas. Do you still want to sleep thru & wake up in January? ;0) LOL

  5. your getting some lovely gifts Julie, how nice to have them to open each morning :)


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