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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Christmas Exchanges

Edda in Iceland was given my name in the stitched card exchange and today i received the most wonderful card, it's the Just Nan Christmas Wallet design. Edda i am so thrilled with it, thank you so much for stitching such a fabulous card for me, i will treasure it always. Edda also stitched the inside as well, it reads "Christmas 2007 To Julie from Edda, wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" You can see better pics on Edda's blog if you click the link in her name). The gift that accompanied it remains unopened and has been sent to Father Christmas. Quite a few of the cards have been received now and they are all lovely, well done to the girls in this exchange at Jayne's Attic

I'm also in the stitched gift exchange at JA as well, what i've stitched has been despatched via Royal Mail (snail mail and thats no joke!!) but this is a secret exchange and cannot be opened till Dec 25th so i can't reveal what it is or who it was sent to till after then and the partners are revealed by the organiser. Of course, the same will apply to the gift i receive. BUT ... i can show you a pic of the package when it gets here so you can be kept in suspense like me and have some sleepless nights wondering what it is as well LOL

Saturday is Dec 1st and that means i can show you the advent parcel that i received from Jorja on the TS MB. This exchange is an advent calendar for stitchers. We had to wrap up 24 small parcels (both stitchy stuff and anything else you thought would make a nice small gift and bring a smile to a friends face) and 1 larger one for Christmas Day. My box arrived earlier this week and is shouting to me to open them all. I have been good and only opened the outer packaging and left the contents alone so far .... 2 more sleeps and i can open day 1 *snigger*. How are you other girls doing? hope you are being good too, remember Santas little helpers will be watching you and reporting back any naughty behaviour !!!!

Much love to you all


  1. Oh wow, Julie, I love the card you received from Edda! It is gorgeous!

  2. The card from Edda is truely beautiful you are a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful card.

    I can just imagine you itching to open all those other gifts, what a fun way to lead up to Christmas.

  3. Amazing card from my stitching club friend Edda. You are so lucky to reiceive such a wonderful thing.

  4. That is truly a wonderful card,
    I am being good ...Honest! I haven't peeked,the kids keep checking that I haven't touched them which is kind of them!!! lol
    Can't wait till tomorrow morning!!

  5. What a beautiful card! I think the advent present idea is lovely, you must be champing at the bit. (LOL)

  6. What a brilliant card, it's stunning - no wonder you're so thrilled.
    I shall enjoy watching the reveals of the advent gifts, it sounds like a lot of fun. :0)

  7. I'm doing fine with mine Julie, it's still in the box it arrived in, unopened. But not after tonight.

    I told Marion we'd open it after dinner and find number 1 and we can put it under the mini tree on her table.

  8. Forgot to say how wonderful the card from Edda is. You lucky girl.

  9. It was such a pleasure to stitch this card for you Julie. There was never a doubt in my mind what to stitch when I was given your name for this exchange. I am glad you like it so much. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Julie,

    You received a beautiful card from Edda. What a great decoration to display and enjoy year after year.


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