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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

It's arrived !!

****Drum roll**** here it is .... a design out of an old gallery magazine, had a tough job finding something i thought was nice and suitable to put into this tuck, well done Joann for giving me a challenge. Stitched 1x1 on 27ct linda using DMC

Rachael, my decorations are definately not up yet, they are safely tucked away in the attic till nearer the time, we aren't even in December yet, your friends must be bonkers!!!! But i do promise to post a pic of my tree etc when i do put them up, if i forget you have permission to nag me LOL


Karan said...

Very nice tuck Julie, perfect choice of design. :0)
Our decs are still firmly left in the loft too & have only got as far as thinking about getting them out. Bah Humbug! ;0)

Edda said...

Beautiful design that you have chosen for the tuck. Looking forward to seeing some more from you. Have a wonderful day!

Rachael said...

Ok hun,I'll nag
Lovely tuck and you are good putting the gift away. ;0)

Stitchingranny said...

The design is just perfect for the little tuck Julie, well done.

Dawn said...

Love the tuck Julie! Our decs are still firmly tucked away too!

Lynn said...

a lovely tuck and design Julie, well done :)
My decs don't go up until the second week of Dec but two of my neighbours already have their outside lights up and running :0

Sally said...

That is a beautiful tuck Julie and the design is you picked is lovely.