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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Where's the Saturday Challenge?

Sorry to all those expecting a Saturday challenge pic, but this week Karen and I are not doing it, other things need to be stitched/finished pre-christmas (i'm sure you all have things too). Instead i put the last stitches into the CCN Ladybugs & Bumblebees this afternoon. We've decided to put on hold our Wednesday SAL's till the new year, although we've already chosen what will be the first one we stitch in 2008. Wonder if anyone will guess which one it is, it's not like there are many LHN/CCN charts to choose from LOL

Look who was in my garden this morning wafting his tail back and forth with great speed till he was given his breakfast. Do squirrels talk in 'sign language' with their tail?? i'm sure he was giving DH a real telling off for being late with his breakfast, i'll have to try and think of a way to tell him it's the weekend and we don't get up so early !!!! I was watching out of the conservatory window when i took this pic. The tray is now empty and there are many holes in the lawn where he decided to bury some of the nuts for later, i hope he remembers where they are ...

Enjoy your weekend whatever your plans and thank you for stopping by, i really appreciate your visits and comments


  1. Ladybugs looks absolutely gorgeous Julie. Congratulations on your finish. MMm I'm not even going to attempt to guess what your first SAL will be in the New Year!

    Aww what a cute squirrel!

  2. well done the sal looks great

  3. Ladybugs is fab! It looks so delicate. No idea what you are going to do for the next SAL :(

    That is a cute squirrel!

  4. Well done on finishing Ladybug, it's gorgeous Julie.
    I love the squirrel, he's so cute :) I'm suprised he's in your garden with the two cats, my Oscar has scared every thing away, I've had to put an ASBO out on him rofl

  5. Love the CCN finish, its beautiful.
    I might have to digcthrough my stash and find mine, lol.

  6. Ladybugs is gorgeous Julie, well done.
    Awwww look at the little squirrel hope you'll make sure you're up before him to feed it in the future Julie!!! Shame on you leaving him waiting for his brekkie!! lol
    Hugs and happy stitching.....

  7. Well done on your finish!!!!
    I have squirrels that come up to the back door,I think the people who owned the house before us, used to leave nuts there.

  8. Ladybugs is so stunning Julie - have loved watching this piece grow and look forward to seeing how you frame it. :0)
    Cute squirrel, he looks like you feed him well. :0)

  9. Coming back from holiday it has just amazed me how much people get done in two weeks - feels like I must have been away six months lol.

    Ladybugs is really lovely Julie, and I shall miss your weekend challenge I love comparing what the two of you have done.


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