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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Organised? or NOT !

Yesterday DH and i went off to try and do some Christmas shopping, thought we better make a start. What a waste of a day that was, all we came home with was a new coat for DH !!! I can honestly say that i didn't see anything that i thought would be nice, all the Christmas goodies were really poor this year i thought, much the same as last year and overpriced into the bargain. Will have to get my thinking cap on to try and come up with something nice and different for members of my family LOL

On the stitching front ... todays the day for the CCN SAL with Karen as it's also the stitching club. We've decided to stick with it after tonight and complete it this week as there isn't much left to do now and hopefully i'll soon be able to show you a finish on that. I've also completed the xmas card for the exch at JA, it's all made up too and ready to post out 2nd Dec (can't show you that, sorry). I still need to finish off the gift exch at JA and a couple of other smaller things as well. Where do the days go to, i seem to be chasing my tail every day just lately ......


  1. LOL I went shopping yesterday and NOTHING jumped in my basket to be bought , part of me was thinking why buy it now it will be half price a few weeks before Christmas, I have no idea what to buy as gifts which is very unusual for me I normally have the bulk of it done by now, all cards are written and ready to go ;o)

  2. That is just typical Julie! Hope we have more luck when we go shopping in a couple of weeks.

    Looking forward to seeing ladybugs {{{hugs}}}}

  3. Christmas shopping for my husband gets harder every year! I have no clue what to get him that's different.

    Looking forward to seeing yoyr completed CCN Ladybugs.

  4. I did the same thing yesterday lol
    I only went in 3 shops but managed to go half's on DD's b/f xmas present, nothing else though.

    I love your little tree by the way :)

    How is pussy doing? Not eating any more grass lol


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