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Thursday, 1 November 2007

Mumble, grumble

What comes to mind when i say Jeremy Fisher ??? thats right a rotten green frog LOL thats whats been visiting the Ladybugs SAL on week 8 ... the word 'leaves' should be stitched in green (dandelion stem from Cottage Colours) so that needs to come out before next week. Was it lack of concentration, eagerness to stitch it or just that we were having a heated debate at the stitching club about a local derelict public house and whats going to happen to it and the fact that a lot of the local residents had not been invited to the public meeting that was being held in the next room to ours .. we gatecrashed that LOL

Did i stitch everything i was going to in October?

Looplyou Silent Flutter SAL, Loopylou Hollyberry SAL, Just Nan - Special Delivery Biscornu, The workbasket Quaker Heart, Just Nan Beehive Violets, Secret stitched gift for JA xmas exchange
PROGRESS MADE ON - CCN Ladybugs - 5 weeks progress
DIDN'T STITCH ON - HAED Leo, TS monthly ornie

A few finishes, but still LEO didn't see the light of day this month and its the first month i didn't get a Christmas ornie stitched for the SAL


  1. LOL I did it in the right colour had to check 3 times tho , its looking great

  2. Sorry to hear that frog has been visiting, hope it's soon sorted & he clears off quickly. Well done on the goals front. :0)

  3. I think it looks lovely as it is! Matches the other wording LOL and if you hadn't said it was supposed to be green i wouldn't have known!

  4. OH NO Don't you just hate frogs. Now listen up Julie...when you ditch the frog make sure he stays in UK and doesn't hop over to dublin!!! lol

    It still looks gorgeous though even if it's not in the right colour, you would get away with it as it matches the other wording!

    Hugs and happy stitcing....

  5. It looks lovely Julie and I'd never have known leaves was the wrong colour if you hadn't have said:)


  6. Ooo were they scared,I would have been!! an angry mob of stitchers gatecrashing a meeting!! Funny image that I have in my head of that!! *chuckle*


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