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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Here we go Loopylou ...

Sorry, that just came into my mind when i was waiting for the pic of my latest finish to upload, i'm sure you all remember the song LOL the reason being this is Silent Flutter by Loopylou Designs It so nice to stitch a hardanger SAL and get help from experienced stitchers/designers. If you've not tried hardanger think about giving it a go in 2008, it's not as difficult as it looks ... honestly

and this is the small Just Nan design i started for my friends birthday, it's called Beehive Violets and was lovely to stitch, such pretty colours. The chart asks for a brass bee but i hadn't got one so substituted the pottery one. Just need to have a think how to finish it off ... any suggestions would be very welcome LOL

Hope you all have a good week, and thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings and see what i've been up to, i hope i don't bore you LOL


  1. very pretty finishes I love the little bee

  2. Love both of these, they are so pretty. Cute bee. :0)

  3. Gorgeous finishes! What about a magnet or an ornament with smelly pellet things (sorry can't remember the correct name LOL) for her to hang in her wardrobe - although having said that I don't know about hiding your lovely stitching away in a wardrobe! Let us know what you decide :)

  4. More lovely stitching Julie, well done. Right that's it I WANT your needles......they might just help me to stitch faster!!! lol

    Happy Halloween

  5. They are both gorgeous Julie!

  6. lol at your title.
    Love your finishes, perfect as usual.

  7. They are both gorgeous Julie, well done. I've got the 'Loopy Lou' in my to do pile, but haven't tried hardhanger yet, or atleast not the cutting bits lol

    Is the JN design a suitable size to fit into the lid of a jar/pot that she could put on her dressing table?

  8. Both lovely finishes. I have to agree about hardanger it is so simple I do wish I had tried it years ago. Now Im hooked lol.

  9. I was thinking the same as Lynn on a box lid,trinket box as it's so pretty.
    I remember the Loobylou song, as I call my daughter that! And no coming to your blog is never boring,I love seeing all the pretty stitching.


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