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Saturday, 3 November 2007

Saturday Quaker Challenge

Karen and I chose another Workbasket freebie for this weeks challenge, we decide on Friday night which chart we will do, but have no idea of which fabric/threads each of us will use until the reveal, it's such fun. This time mine is stitched on 28ct mushroom evenweave using Six Strand Sweets 'Fire Jawbreaker' and the little bit of fabric is what i used to back it with. I added the bead feet to it to stop it skidding about when it is being used as thats what happens to the one i have now .. an experiment, hope it works!! You can see Karens over on her blog, she had a very clever idea this time - well done Karen


  1. I love the colours you used , great idea with the big beads

  2. Wow I love that Julie:) You are so creative. {{{{hugs}}}}

  3. Oh that's lovely Julie....I like the way it's finished off, well done.
    Happy stitching.....

  4. Lovely Julie! Love the feet :)

  5. Lovely Hedgehog,I do love the colour of the 'Fire Jawbreaker'

  6. I love this Julie...the bead feet are a brilliant idea. :o)


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