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Thursday, 25 October 2007

One SAL or two !

Out came the Ladybugs SAL that i'm doing with Karen last night for the stitchy club and i did make good progress on it even though we were looking at the menu and deciding what to pre-order for our Christmas meal, of course i did the usual and plumped for the obvious .. turkey and all the trimmings LOL

There are a few new LHN and CCN charts out again, have you seen the Gingerbread House one ?? Karen i think we will be continuing our SAL Wednesdays well into 2008!!!!

I was 2 weeks behind with the Silent Flutter SAL from the forum at Jayne's Attic but my yoga class was cancelled this week due to the school half term holidays so i decided to still have the 'me time' and catch up with it. This time was the cutting and the chart asked for wrapped bars but i prefer woven bars so opted to do that instead

I also started another Just Nan little one earlier in the week for a friends birthday next month, forgot all about that so need to get a wriggle on and get it stitched and made up so thats stalled the Christmas stitching again for a couple more nights, oh well ....


  1. I like the new snowflakes by LHN soooo maybe its going to continue into 2009 ;o)
    your ladybugs looks great and I love your silent flutter

  2. Your Silent Flutter looks just beautiful. I agree with you on the Gingerbread House chart, it looks very tempting. Guess I´ll have to put it on my wish list. LOL The Ladybugs SAL is looking great too.

  3. the ladybugs is looking good :) May have to join you on the KHN sal next year!

  4. Both are lovely and I do agree woven bars look so much nicer than the wrapped ones.

  5. Two stunning pieces there Julie, great progress. Now I'm going to have to go look at the LHN/CCN charts to see what I've missed - if it gets expensive I shall blame you! ;0)

  6. Wonderful progress on the 2 pretty pieces!! I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. They both look great so far Julie, well done. :)

    I've had a look at the LHN / CCN charts and I think I shall be adding some to my Christmas wish list for the girls to choose from lol

  8. Oh yes I've seen those new LHNs and the CCN. I love all of them! Lol!

    Ladybugs is looking good as is Silent Flutter.

  9. Lovely pieces Julie. I hadn't seen any of the new designs, having the family here, but I'm curious now!!!! AND I will blame you if I purchase anything!!!!!

  10. They are looking so good! The lady bugs is going on my to do list!


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