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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Look what i got ....

No stitchy pics to share with you, so i thought i'd show you the surprise i received yesterday. These were from DD's BF, what a nice young man he is, they smell heavenly and really made my day especially as i had set fire to our kitchen the night before and i was feeling a bit stupid !!!! We are all Ok and no lasting damage thankfully, just a lot of mess to clear up afterwards

I have been stitching a little this week, but i really must get organised as i have signed up for a few exchanges that need to be posted at the beginning of December and i have some pressies that i want to stitch as well. Why do we stitchers always leave it till the last couple of months before we start Christmas stitching?? every year i say i will start early but never do LOL

Hope you've all had a good weekend


  1. awwwww isn't he a nice lad, those senior moments are getting dangerous ;O)

  2. What a lovely gesture in giving you the flowers, they are beautiful. Sorry to hear about your accident in the kitchen, good to hear that you are all OK. (((Hugs))) to you dear Julie.

  3. What a nice lad he is .... or is he trying to sweeten you up for some thing rofl!!
    Glad to hear that no one was hurt in the fire :0... is your cooking THAT bad Julie ;) lol

  4. Sorry to hear about your fire Julie, you need to put Mr Stick away when you've got jobs to do so he doesn't distract you lol.
    Lovely flowers, what's he after lol?

  5. OH Julie, sorry to hear about the fire, what happened? Glad it wasn't too serious and you are all ok.
    What gorgeous flowers, that was really sweet of him....
    Hugs and happy stitching....oh don't forget to vote again, only 9 days left..... :-)

  6. Beautiful what a nice gesture. Glad you are all ok and hope you are insured for the damage Julie.

  7. Oh, how nice--beautiful flowers. I hope there was not too much damage to the kitchen!

  8. How lovely of Amy's BF to send you those gorgeous flowers. Sorry to hear about your fire. Pleased you are all safe though {{{{hugs}}}}.

    I think we all leave Christmas stitching a little late or Christmas creeps up on us, I don't know which. I am in panic mode now.

  9. I like men in uniform but draw the line at arson to get to see them ;0) Joking aside, so glad you are all OK Julie - it must have been pretty scarey & upsetting(((((hugs))))). Lovely flowers, what a thoughtful young man he is.

  10. Awww what a sweet thing to do,But I agree! what's he after? lol .Did you want to redecorate your kitchen that much!! I hope you didn't hurt yourself!

  11. Oh wow Julie, how on earth did you manage to set fire to the kitchen?

    Lovely flowers though.


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