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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Roses, Roses ....

Sunday i finished the VS Victoria Rose Sampler, i did make a change to it though. The bottom hardanger bit should have partial greek crosses in it but after trying them i decided i prefer it with more of the cut out showing (if you click the link in the plans for Aug it will show you how it is on the chart). There is also enough thread/ribbon left from the thread pack to make the ornament that is also on the chart so i'll put it away for a while and do that another time.

Last night was week 7 of the Rose in Morning SAL. Karen, i did quite a bit, spent the evening quietly stitching whilst keeping out of the way of grumpy family members !! Next week i'll add the picket fence to it and then there's only the bottom border to go on it ... YAY !!

Had a phone call at the weekend to say that Barnabees Quest was ready to be collected from the framers. I'm really pleased with what he did with it. This is going to be 1 of my entries into the show this year at the local community centre together with the Chatelaine Lavendar Garden as thats now framed as well, think i'll also put in the huswif so folks can see a variety of what i stitch. I've made a start on a couple of small raffle prizes so i can fulfill my obligation to the girls at the stitching club. Tomorrow i'll find out what they have stitched for their contribution... wonder what it is ??

Happy Stitching, love and {{hugs}}


  1. Barnabees Quest looks great , I ummmm hmmmm havent touched the sal yet lol yours is coming along very nicely and the Victoria rose is stunning

  2. Wow Julie, all your pieces are gorgeous, the Hardanger turned out stunning.
    Oh I like the framed piece....would look lovely hanging in my hallway.... ***grins***
    Huggles and Happy stitching

  3. They are all stunning and so pretty,Where are the designs from?

  4. wow what beautiful work you've got to show! I love Barnabees, the framer made a great job and the victoria rose is beautiful. Your so clever Julie. Good luck in the show :)

  5. Congrats on finishing your Rose Sampler and Barnabee's Quest is just gorgeous in that frame ;)

  6. Your pieces are fantastic. Barnabees Quest is just stunning in the frame. I like what you did with the Victoria Rose - it looks very beautiful. And good progress on your SAL. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  7. All three pieces are gorgeous Julie. I do love your VS finish.

  8. Think I prefer your version Julie. Also the colour, yours looks a lovely pink - the chart looks more reddy which Im not so keen on.

    Barnabee looks stunning, hope mine will be ready for framing after the next stint.


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