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Friday, 17 August 2007

Hollyberry SAL

My first big hardanger project and i love working on this each month. We started it in February so now we've completed month 7, all of the stitching is now complete apart from the ribbon braid that will go on at the end. Next month is the cutting bit, that'll be exciting and somewhat scarey.

The needleroll has been sent, i joked with my postmaster that i wanted 'a speedy delivery and it not to be lost this time' his suggestion was to buy a plane ticket and hand deliver it myself ..... he has such a good sense of humour !!

I've got big plans to stitch on VS Victoria Rose Sampler this weekend and have a finish on that, seems ages since i crossed off one of my long term WIP's, as most of you know when i make plans they never seem to happen, so don't hold your breath LOL

Have a great weekend whatever you're doing
Love and {hugs}


  1. that looks very good Julie

  2. Lovely Julie, don't worry I am sure you will be fine with the cutting. You do beautiful stitching.

  3. Hollyberry looks so pretty, and sounds like you are really enjoying stitching this, that's always a nice feeling ;)

  4. Your Hollyberry looks so beautiful Julie. Unfortunately I haven´t been able to keep up with it but I´ll try to make up some of the stitching in September when things are back to normal over here. LOL Looking forward to seeing your stitching this weekend. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  5. Hollyberry is looking lovely Julie, well done :). Can't wait to see the cutting!.
    I haven't had the nerve to do hardhanger yet, although I've got a few charts sitting in my stash for when I do lol

  6. Hollyberry is gorgeous Julie:) Good luck with the cutting. I am sure you'll be fine.

    Hope your weekend goes as planned and you get some stitching on the Rose Sampler.

  7. That's looking gorgeous Julie....I'm sure when you start the cutting it will turn out perfectly...
    Huggles and Happy stitching..


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