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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Rose SAL ~ Week 6

Monday came round again, the day for Karen and i to stitch on our SAL. I'm using the Cottage Colours it asks for, very pretty BUT i'm a bit concerned about the blue flowers in the taller ones, they don't stand out at all, i think i might change them to a different colour (maybe the pink) when it's finished if i'm still not happy with them, what do you think??

Stitching on the needleroll is almost finished, hopefully tomorrow i'll be able to get it made up and in the post, lets hope Royal Mail behaves and delivers it speedily and then i can reveal it soon LOL

Thanks for looking in, i really appreciate your comments and thoughts


  1. oh Julie thats coming along very well , the blue flowers are quite pale but they look good

  2. It's looking lovely. I can see what you mean about the blue, but I think I'd just make it a shade darker blue, otherwise there might be too much pink?. The over all effect is very pretty, well done so far.

  3. Your piece looks very pretty, but I agree that the blue flowers are somewhat lost ;)

  4. Very pretty Julie and i think I agree with you about those blue flowers. As Lynn said, maybe a darker shade of that blue would look better.

  5. Another vote here for a slightly darker blue. I am really enjoying watching this one grow Julie.

  6. Beautiful work Julie,I think a darker shade of blue as well and I know what you mean about the needleroll I have sent mine, but not heard if they have received it yet!

  7. It is looking beautiful Julie. I'd say try a slightly deeper blue.


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