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Friday, 20 April 2007

Just Nan update

2 more days added to the JN 12 Days of Christmas, this really is a colourful project to stitch, although i didn't enjoy number 9 for some reason.... and then i had to stitch a frog for Day 10 !! I'm thinking i might make it into a hanging using some nice christmas fabric and hang it on my front door at Christmas, a bit different from the usual holly wreath and it might give visitors something to talk about

This weekend i plan to stitch a gift for a stitching friend who has a birthday next month so i won't be able to show you that for a while, i've sorted the threads, chart and fabric but i can't tell you what it is as she reads the blog sometimes LOL

Only one more to cross off of the April stitching plans this month - Leo. She'll be setting up home on the floorstand next week as the following week of course we'll be entering May and i'll be back to the SAL's again and hopefully i'll get JN finished and also have a couple of new starts to add to my WIP's

The sun we've had recently has brought my lovely cherry tree into blossom, it looks gorgeous. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, it's supposed to be another nice one for all you sun worshippers.

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  1. Love that JN, it's a bit different from most of her others.

  2. You will soon have a finish with JN now Julie its grown so fast. I still love the colours and can't wait to see it done.

    Don't think I will have time to be sun worshipping but hope to spend a little time in the garden.

  3. The JN is coming along very well ;O), the blossom on the cherry tree is lovely our flowering Cherry has white blossom it looked like there had been a wedding yesterday when the wind blew flowers everywhere

  4. I just love the picture of you Cherry Tree, makes me wish I lived somewhere a little bit warmer where we could grow something as beautiful as this. But I am also happy because in short 20 days I´ll be able to catch a glimpse of the English spring, the landscape, the gardens, etc. can´t imagine how fast time has flown. Love your progress on JN 12 days too. I am surely looking forward to seeing you finish that one, I´m sure it will look great finished. Take care Julie and I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. What beautiful blossom Julie.

    Your JN is looking lovely. A hanging for the front door sounds wonderful.

  6. Love your JN 12 Days Julie, it's looking gorgeous and you're right about the colours. You'll soon be having another big happy dance!
    Our apple tree is just starting to blossom and it's pale pink this year, Erin noticed earlier while we were eating lunch.

  7. Julie, your JN is looking lovely and is so close to being finished! And, the cherry tree is beautiful.

  8. Your JN is looking fantastic Julie. So much for doing one a month! Lol! I can see why you keep on stitching it though as the colours are gorgeous.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress on Leo.

    The cherry tree looks lovely in full bloom. I've got a weeping cherry in my front garden and for once we've had no high winds to knock the blossom off!

  9. Oh, Julie, your JN is just gorgeous and will make such a lovely Christmas Welcome piece on your front door! You'll be finished in no time at all now...

    Beautiful Cherry Tree! :-)


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