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Thursday, 22 February 2007

getting ahead of my stitching plans

only 4 ladies at the stitchy club last night, everyone else was away sick, i did miss catching up with them and hearing about their week, but as we did less chatting and a lot more stitching, i got Day 3 finished on the JN, that was supposed to be March's goal !! It really is a lovely chart to stitch, if you have been thinking about getting it i would highly recommend it, the colours are stunning and look no where near as bright in the picture as they really are.

I've been to my yoga class again this afternoon, it was closed last week for the half term break, didn't realise how much i'd missed it, but now i'm all 'chilled out and de-stressed' and ready to face what the world throws at me .... wonder how long that'll last LOL

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and leaves comments, i do appreciate it and like to read your opinions. Take care and Happy Stitching


  1. Julie your JN is wonderful I am going to have to stitch this one soon , I love it more each number you stitch

  2. The 12 days of Christmas is really stunning Julie, and the colours are so vibrant. You say its a JN one but not one I have seen before.

    Have you thought of doing a Yoga Class on a Tuesday?? Just thought if it left you feeling all mellow we might get away with a bit more before the big stick came out. LOLOLOLOL oh dear I think Im really funny tonight.

  3. LOL @ the comment Helen has left!

    Your Just Nan is looking so pretty Julie. I love the colours in it.

  4. Very pretty Julie! I am really thinking of getting this one :)

  5. Very pretty, Julie--I love the colors!!

  6. Hi Julie, your JN is gorgeous, well done on finishing day 3.
    Hmmm must try some yoga to see if it will destress me too.....
    Happy Stitching.....


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