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Tuesday, 20 February 2007

SAL and Leo

this afternoon i put the final stitch into month 1 of the mystery SAL at Heirloom Embroideries, this was after stitching the flowers in verdigris(green) instead of hazelnut(brown)as the instructions said ... i put this down to excitement and adreneline and not stupidity !!! The Vikki Clayton silks in this are gorgeous to use, although i did think it was a bit dull and drab when i got the fabric/threads but as it's stitched up it's looking nice, just goes to show i have no eye for whats right and whats not!! Not long to wait till March and month 2, bet it will be the next letters of the alphabet LOL

i'm really pleased with the progress on Leo, just looked at the last pic i posted here and i've done loads since then, you don't realise as it seems to grow so slowly each time you stitch on it

typical of Simon Cowell and his bad mouth, he said NO so my nephew and his friends have been eliminated from the next round (where's Sharon Osborne when you need her, she'd have loved the young men in their outfits!!!) we now have to wait and see if their auditions will be on TV when they edit the programme

tonight i'm going to work on the JN 12 Days to give the eyes a rest from the 1x1 and there's a programme i want to see on TV, i can stitch this and watch at the same time, multi tasking LOL and then of course it's the stitching club tomorrow so it will grow even more then

thank you Helen for the lovely Kaalund Silk you sent to me, such a lovely surprise, looking forward to trying this as it feels so soft


  1. Julie the Heirloom SAL looks lovely I am really looking forward to seeing this one progress.

  2. I love the colours on your Heirloom Embroideries its looking good so far, the leo is coming along well

  3. The SAL is looking gorgeous Julie. Beginning to wish I'd signed up now! Oh well never mind! LOL! Leo is coming along nicely too. Lovely colours.

    Simon Cowell is just an a***!!!

  4. Hi Julie, the sal is gorgeous, I love the colours and as for Leo it certainly has grown. Well done on your progress.
    OOhhh Simon is soooo mean lol


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