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Saturday, 24 February 2007

becoming an art critic

I went to the local museum yesterday, they are showing the Rolf Harris portrait of the Queen which he painted to celebrate her 80th Birthday. It's touring the country for everyone to see. What did i think to it? it was lovely, and great to see his work only 2 feeet away and not behind a glass screen. I sat for quite a while studying it (looking for any mistakes really LOL) and discussed it with others who were looking, one lady thought the teeth were a bit strange, I thought they were fine but her middle finger looked a bit crooked and a bit too long (sorry Rolf!) If it comes to a museum near you it's well worth a visit to see it
As you can see i've continued with the next day on the JN 12 Days. I decided as i'm up to date with my goals for February, and March is looming next week, the fun will begin again with the 2nd part of the Loopylou Hollyberry SAL, the 2nd part of the Mystery Huswif SAL, hardanger SAL beginning at JABB and the easter tuck exchange at TSBB, it's going to be a busy month .... who am i trying to kid ... i love this design and can't resist carrying on with it, Leo can wait a while !! Helen if you click on the link in stitching plans it will take you to the JN site to see the chart


  1. your 12 days are coming along nicely. It will be fabulous when it's finished !
    I'd love to see the Rolf Harris painting, I watched it on TV in awe. I wish I could paint lol

  2. Day 4 of JN 12 Days looks great! And, you have a lot of stitchy plans for March--good--more stitching pictures to see!

  3. Wow, Julie, you are stitching up a storm on the JN. It is lovely.

  4. Hi art critic lol, your JN 12 days are lovely you will have them done in no time.
    WOW you certainly are planning on keeping yourself busy stitching in the month of March aren't you?
    Happy Stitching and huggles to you...

  5. I love the JN I am going to have to start mine soon unless you want to just send me your finished work????????

  6. The reason I had probably never noticed them was because they are all little tiny pics and Im not much into tiny pictures. I much prefer the way you are doing it as one big project. Only 3 more days to work on it and then someone will have to get a big stick out and make you concentrate on your "March Tasks" lol.


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