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Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Wednesday is Stitchy Club night

tonight i'm off the our local stitchy club, only requirements for the club are that you stitch or do another craft, drink tea/coffee and can munch a biccie or two!! it's my 1 night out a week and i really look forward to seeing what the other ladies have been up to during the week. This week i'll be taking the biscornu to show them

TS MB 'Tuck of Love' design was stitched yesterday afternoon, it's all ready to be posted to my partner

Spent this morning finishing off my valentine exchange piece for JA MB -this is a secret exchange as well, i'll show a pic and say who it's for when everyones details have been revealed in Feb

Barnabee is growing nicely, 4 bands are now finished


  1. Hi Julie, enjoy stitchy club tonight, I'm sure you'll get loads of stitching done!! pmsl.
    Looking forward to seeing your pics of your latest stitching.

  2. I hope Stitchy Night Club was fun and I'm looking forward to seeing your "secret" finishes!

  3. Hope you had a good time at stitch club - did you stitch anything?!!!

    My tuck is finished now too. yay


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