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Thursday, 18 January 2007

horrendous weather

howling winds of up to 75 mph, it's really scary, and the rain makes it seem worse. Next doors greenhouse glass is now on the inside of the greenhouse as a tree branch fell on it and 2 poeple locally have their house roofs in their front gardens, also there are lots of tree branches all over the roads, i've not seen weather like this for a long time. Mr Moe decided the best place today was on DS's bed curled up nice and warm and i don't blame him for wanting to stay inside

I, on the other hand had to venture out in it to go to my yoga class, but i took the car so it wasn't too bad, just felt a bit like i was in a dodgem car wobbling all over the road LOL

Yes Heather, i did do some stitching last night (mostly when i got home though!!) Barnabee now has 6 bands completed ...


  1. You are braver than me going out in the car LOL. The weather is supposed to be calming down a bit tonight I havent noticed any difference yet :-(
    Do you have a wip pic of Barnabee? you know how nosey us cross stitchers are

  2. Rather you than me going out in the wind. I've only been passed my test a year and can usually talk myself out of driving anywhere. But I'm even worse in the snow, won't venture out AT ALL in snow.

  3. It sounds like you are having some serious storms--stay safe!! And, I'm looking foward to seeing Barnabee.

  4. Hi Julie....
    the sun is shining today! The wind has died down too....but apparentely next week it's to be freezing. Snow is forecast for the high grounds too....I don't want snow! lol
    So Julie...are we going to "meet" Barbabee???
    Hope you're keeping warm.....

  5. The winds were awful yesterday weren't they? I was so scared as I thought our patio doors were going to blow in. Thankfully it's much calmer today. Just hope it doesn't get up like that again. Looking forward to the snow next week- if we get it that is!


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