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Friday, 19 January 2007

Here's Barnabee's Quest - Part 1

spent a lovely couple of hours stitching this afternoon, a rare treat for me as i don't often stitch during the day, i finished part 1 of Just Nans Barnabee's Quest

(Sally sent this to me after she had stitched it, thanks Sally, i'm really loving stitching this just as you said i would lol) i'm eager to start part 2 tonight.

Barnabee himself will be added when all 3 parts are finished the same as beads and other 2 charms

Hope everyone has a great weekend


  1. Julie it looks great, you're stitching it up so quickly.

    Was the weather better for you today? It was windy again in the middle of the night, but by lunchtime it had died down. Hopefully we won't get anymore now, but apparently we're to look out for the white stuff in the coming days.

  2. Julie that looks wonderful I love it thank you for showing :-)
    Its been nice here today not alot of wind and the sun has been out all morning hope its been good with you

  3. Oh, it's looking beautiful--I love it!

  4. Julie that's gorgeous. OOhh looking forward to seeing part 2. How many parts are there?

  5. That is beautiful Julie! I knew you'd love it. A girl after my own heart! LOL!

    It's windy here again today just as they forecast. Pleased I didn't move my bins back to the side of the house!

  6. Looking great Julie even with out the beads and charms. I am really looking forward to getting this one.

  7. Julie. You can be really proud of your work on Barnabee´s Quest. It is looking so beautiful.
    Hope the weather isn´t treating you too badly.

    All the best,


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