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Monday, 22 January 2007

Do your family ...

leave you alone when you are stitching?? or do they always seem to want you for something?? this weekend i've had quite a bit if uninterrupted time to myself, kids were busy and DH was researching his family history so i was left to sit and watch an old movie or two on the TV and stitch away happily, only having a break to keep the cups of tea coming

I can't believe how fast this has grown, it's going to one of those projects that i'm sad to see finished, do you have ones like that too ?

No sign of the snow that they were predicting today, although when i was out running errands this morning (including posting out the 'Tuck of Love' for the exchange at TS) there was a nasty hail storm. The sun is shining now but it is becomming very, very cold and the wind is howling again, the British weather is so unpredictable, i wish it was like it used to be when i was a child and you had proper seasons !!!! well thats how it seemed way back then LOL


  1. Hi Julie, WOW Barnabee is gorgeous and growing so fast. How great you got a few hours to yourself to stitch.
    Snow was here this morning and to get worse during the week.... great.
    Huggles to you.....

  2. Barnabee is looking fantastic Julie! You're going to have him finished a lot quicker than I did!

  3. Barnabee is wonderful I am enjoying seeing your wip pics. I have just started my tuck of love it will be finished soon and in the post by the end of the week

  4. wow you have made progress Julie by the time I come back from my hols it will be all done.



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