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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

valentine tuck exchange

my tuck of love has been received by my partner Missy so i can share a pic with you now. Joann made all the tucks for the exchange and we had to stitch the 2"x2" design, i chose part of Pam Kellogg's mystery from 2005 "Cupids Garden", i have this hanging in my sitting room and thought the blackwork heart suited the tuck perfectly

spent last night gridding my fabric for the 1st page of HAED LEO(as per Lisa's instructions) so i'm all ready to put the first stitch in now
(Edda ~ this is a QS design, only 6 pages!! by Sara Butcher and is the star sign LEO, if you click the link in Stitching Plans you should see a pic)


  1. Hi Julie, aww the heart tuck is gorgeous.
    So have you put your first stitchin on your HAED yet?

  2. Julie, the heart tuck is lovely! And, now I will enjoy watching Leo's progress!!

  3. So have you finished page 1 yet, miss speedy stitcher? hehe

  4. It's beautiful Julie.

    Good luck with your HAED.

  5. Julie the design you stitched for the tuck is very pretty & goes very well with the fabric of the tuck :)....I just love these tuck exchanges & enjoy making the tucks for all you ladies :)

    Looking forward to seeing Leo progress!

    Happy Stitching!


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