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Thursday, 1 February 2007

pinch and a punch ...

1st day of the month .....

February has arrived and today's the start of the Looplou SAL, thats going to be exciting! that'll be my 3rd WIP (yes Paula i said 3 !!!)

Last night was the stitchy club and even though we were still in January i made a start on the JN 2nd Day of Christmas, daren't risk taking LEO with me as we do too much talking and not enough concentrating and i usually have to frog what i've done when i get home LOL

LEO's growing slowly and here's what it looks like so far ...(DH asked if i was stitching a chessboard ... silly man)

The valentine exchange went in the post yesterday, so fingers crossed Royal Mail will behave and my partner will receive it quickly, i hope she likes it


Paula said...

Hi Julie.....WHAT??? You have 3 WIP's??? Tut Tut are catching up on me!!! pmsl.
Leo is looking good.Isn't the one over one driving you potty yet?? lol Can't wait to see more of him.

Sally said...

Nice start on Leo Julie. You will love her once you get going. The QS's are lovely to do and don't take too long once you get the hang of it

Mary Ann said...

Great start on Leo, Julie!! She's going to be a beauty when finished!

Tom said...

Hi Julie, Wow, you have done so much on this since I last saw it, well done. How are the eyes holding up? Cindy X