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Thursday, 25 January 2007

Exciting news

my nephew Tom (age 14) is in the 'Schuplatter German Dancing Troupe' at his school. This Sunday they're performing in the 2nd round of 'Britains Best Talent' and Simon Cowell is one of the judges !!! *fingers crossed* they get through to the next round ... rather him than me on the receiving end of one of Simon Cowells quips LOL wonder if they are recording it for a new TV show? better ask my SIL

3 more bands stitched on Barnabee .... 7 to go LOL

**Mary Ann, i'll take another pic for you tomorrow, OK ??


Karen said...

Good luck to Tom on sunday

Paula said...

Julie, do let us know how your nephew gets on and of course what Simon says lol.I do hope he's nice to the kids!!
Looking forward to seeing some more of Barnabee soon...