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Wednesday, 24 January 2007

the snow cometh !!

small flakes when i went to bed and this morning was all white over when i let Mr Moe out at 5.30am but by mid morning the sun came out and it's now almost all melted away

last night i stitched the border of part 3 on Barnabee so just need to do the 10 bands inside it now LOL don't suppose much will get done tonight though as it's Wednesday and my stitching club night

stay warm, cosy and safe everyone, and Happy Stitching

hope your back is feeling a bit better today Sally


Paula said...

Hi Julie, enjoy stitchy club tonight.
Hope your snow is all gone. We've had none today, was cold but not as cold as the last few days...hmmm hope that's the end to the wind rain and snow we've already had. Although it's supposed to get worse here during the week.
Looking forward to seeing part 3 of Barnabee...
Happy Stitching.....

Heather said...

Don't get snowed in at stitch club tonight, we're expecting lots more snow and I can see it's settling on my car right now.

Can't wait to see part 3 of barnabee's quest.

Stitchingranny said...

I shall be expecting to see this finished by the time I get back Julie, you have certainly made brilliant progress on it.

Have fun at your club tonight.

Sally said...

Looking forward to seeing part 3 of Barnabee! You put me to shame with how quick you've stitched him! LOL!
No more snow for us which is rather disappointing but it was cold and frosty this morning.
My back is feeling a bit better but I'm having to be so careful for fear of it going again. Today was the furthest I'd been out as I needed to go to the shops in the town centre ( only about a 15 min walk).

Mary Ann said...

Hi Julie, I'm still looking forward to seeing an update on Barnabee! :-)

I hope you had fun at your stitchy club last night!